From trigger to implementation

It all started with a stroke of fate. Christiane´s nephew was half-paralyzed at the age of 12 by a brain attack. In therapy a balance cushion was used to help support him sit up straight and improve his body posture. Christiane thought, if a balance cushion used on the chair helps sit upright, why not on the horse. 

The concept of the SIBA-Saddle was born!

Many experiments followed until the SIBA-Saddle came to be.


The idea was to fixate a balance cushion on a horse back.

The SIBA balance cushion is produced in a form suitable for a horseback and is made in Germany.

Tests and Expert  survey

Pressure measurements and clinical tests where carried out with healthy horses. Tests on horses with back problems show first successful results.



2015 completition of the SIBA-Saddle prototyp. It took several prototyps to fine tune the final SIBA-Saddle.