SIBA Saddle

We only use high quality materials!

To ensure your SIBA saddle stays in top condition for a long time, we strongly recommend to maintain it well. 

Due to the texture of the felt on the backside of the saddle it´s possible horse hair will stick to the felt. These can easily be removed.

- Please only use one brush as shown on the
   picture. As you can see on the next
   picture, this brush has rubber bristles

- When you brush the felt you should only

   use light pressure. The hair will come
   out easily without roughening the felt. 


The brush can be purchased in any equestrian shop or on internet.

Photograph Shows rubber bristles. 

When using press gentle only. 

felt with horse hair before brushing.

felt after cleaning with the brush.

SIBA balance cushion

user manual
Follow directions on how to insert the cushion into the saddle and how to use the balance cushion.
_Balancekissen Bedienungsanleitung_16.12
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 1.1 MB