Massage effect for your horse

  • Wellbeing factor
  • Massages the horses back while you ride
  • Horse releases it´s back and lowers his head
  • Encourages the unity of rider and horse 
  • Improves the horses back muscles
  • Encourages the concentration of your horse
  • no more deseas-related trainings breaks necessary 

Pressure measurements by the veterinarian

The measurements where carried out with an albometer


under the supervision of the veterinarian Dr. Karl Pauritsch.

Clinical test with a healthy horse

Here we show you the results of a 4-week test with a healthy Horse. The graph shows a significant improvement of the back muscles of the horse after 2 week training.

It was trained 5 days a week starting with  15-30 minutes riding with the SIBA saddle in step.  

Clinical test with a horse with serious back problems

This Horse couldn't´t be ridden for almost a year due to serious back Problems.  Veterinary Treatment with simultaneous SIBA saddle training led in this result after 4 weeks. The horse can be ridden again without any further problems. 

To keep it that way, the horse is now trained 2-3 times a week with the SIBA saddle. 


in horses with back problems, a therapy plan must be drawn up together with the veterinarian and a certified SIBA saddle consultant. The Therapie takes about 4-6 weeks depending on the severity of the back problem.

Further information upon REQUEST