Riding application - SIBA Trainings-saddle

"Imbalance creates balance"

Under this motto you train your posture, achieve seat corrections with ease and balance yourself perfectly. 

You get a "bio feedback" through the SIBA Sandle. Learning by the body and switching off the head once brings ease for you and your horse.

SIBA product information
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Through the integrated air filled balance cushion you train your balance as well as your released seat. The SIBA Saddle encourages the unity between you and your horse. Experience how quick your horse "releases its back" and both you and your horse are able to ride and practice truly relaxed. 

Regardless if you´re a recreational rider or compete in tournaments, it´ll be a success experience. Combining the SIBA Saddle with a sophisticated training program will result in more efficient and faster progress, and to better tournament results. 

Experience how your seat scores improve more and more by a balanced and relaxed seat and thus have a positive effect on your tournament outcome.

Use the SIBA saddle for a ride in open terrain (you need to be well trained before you give it a try!) and enjoy the free and independent seat and your horses liberty.