SIBA-Hippo Saddle Classic

SIBA Saddle for Hippotherapie and horse assisted Therapie.

Included in the price: SIBA-Saddle, SIBA-Balance cushion, grip, removable and adjustable lateral  handles.

Excl. Sozius. You can buy the Sozius separately.

The detachable Sozius is ideal for the therapists to sit with client on the horseback. 

We suggest to buy the additional foam cushion in order to support your clients in different ways.

3.840,00 €

  • 4 kg
  • verfügbar
  • 6-8 Monate Lieferzeit1

Sozius for SIBA-Hippo Saddle

SIBA Sozius. Removable seat (sozius) for Therapists. The passenger is filled with memo foam so that the horseback is spared and the therapist can sit comfortably.

405,00 €

  • 0,5 kg
  • verfügbar
  • 6-8 Monate Lieferzeit1