Technological Innovation

We made it our mission only using high quality material. 

We assure our selfs that no child labour is involved in the entire production process of the SIBA Saddle.

- Leather, felt and balance cushion are made in Europe.

- The leather used is vegetable tanned and dyed.

- The SIBA Balance cushion is produced by Albert Hohlkörper GmbH&Co, KG in Germany.

   Using natural plasticizers for a snug fit to the horses back and preventing toxic fumes.

SIBA stands for sit-in-Balance.

The SIBA Sattel revolutionises the world of equestrian.

The idea behind the saddle was to develop a saddle for the well-being of both the rider and horse, supporting and improving their movement sequences.


What makes the SIBA Saddle so unique and special?

It´s the combination of a saddle strap, saddle pad and an air filled balance cushion.

The SIBA balance cushion, specially adapted for the horses back is filled with air and  is inserted into the saddle.


The SIBA Saddle is designed to fit every horse back and has no gullet plate nor a saddle tree.

The saddle is kept in exactly the right position on the horses back by the breast belt.


In the subcategories: rider, horse and videos you will find out all you need to know about the product innovation of the SIBA saddle.

Also the effect on rider and horse is brought closer to you.



The balance cushion


- designed for riders and horses.

- made from natural plasticisers.

- can be individually filled with air by the
  supplied pump, depending on the

- the nubs have a massage effect on the
   horses back.

- made in Germany.